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We had an opportunity to go into Vietnam, so we took it eagerly. It was a 6 hour bus journey from Phennompenn to Hoi Chei mhin City, Vietnam. Jane Young and Kizzy Price were my travelling companions. We did t know what to expect, but we were pleasantly surprised. The City was full of pollution from the traffic, and everyone wore masks. We went to pray for the Vietnamese people, and to prayer walk along the Mekong and Siamme River Ports.

Evangelist Brother Ham...Mella , Brother Ham and Kizzy
We met Brother Ham in the city, as he was doing Street Evangelism, and approached us with a Bible. We jumped for joy, and took him for lunch, so we could hear about the believers in Vietnam. He had been arrested 18 times and been thrown into prison, but that didn't stop Mr Faithful, as he just goes on speaking on the streets about Jesus. He suffers persecution and is ridicules by his peers, but still he goes on, being Faithful to his calling. He never married as The Lord spoke to him and told him to stay celibate.


He was full of joy, and bestowed a great Blessing upon us, as he versed the Arronic Blessing into our lives. Keep him in your prayers please. as He is a Warrior for Christ.

Mella Jane & Kizzy